O, SAY can you see
By the Don’s disinvites
What so hotly he wailed
Like a cheesesteak left steaming.

President Trump gave a Super Bowl party Tuesday on the South Lawn, only there was no Super Bowl winner to grace the occasion. So few members of the Philadelphia Eagles were willing to come to the White House that the president disinvited the whole team, instead holding what he rebranded as a “Celebration of America,” as The Washington Post’s Ashley Parker reported.

The bizarre twist, though, was that the White House tried to besmirch the Eagles by associating them with players who took a knee during the playing of “The Star-Spangled Banner” at its games — a knee that the Eagles never took during the regular season. The players on other teams who did kneel say they are protesting police violence against minorities; Trump claims they are showing disrespect for the flag and the anthem.

This isn’t the first time the Eagles have had to contend with a foe waving the flag of being a Patriot. Meanwhile, the president has certainly had his past issues with imposing American eagles.

Here’s how some American cartoonists weighed in on the whole debacle that was a fumbled political football:

R.J. MATSON (CQ Roll Call):


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