by R.J. Matson / CQ Roll Call / 2018

ON TUESDAY, after spending more than four hours together against the inviting backdrop of Singapore, President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un had “developed a very special bond,” the president said.

This bond, The Washington Post reports, points to reaffirming the vow of denuclearization along the Korean Peninsula as the two men look to help their nations “write a new chapter” in their futures together, according to the president.

But is this summit one for the history books, or simply one for the cameras?

Here is how some cartoonists are viewing the Singapore slinging of rhetoric:

PATRICK CHAPPATTE (New York Times International):

by Patrick Chappatte / New York Times International / 2018

TOM TOLES (The Washington Post):

by Tom Toles / The Washington Post 2018

KEVIN SIERS (Charlotte Observer):

by Kevin Siers / Charlotte Observer / 2018

STEVE SACK (Minneapolis Star Tribune):

by Steve Sack / Minneapolis Star Tribune / 2018

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