SO MUCH of the life of a prominent 21st-century leader is about optics. If you travel to Texas in response to an immigration border crisis with the news cameras rolling, the visuals just may carry the day. And if, while doing so, you choose to make a bold sartorial statement by literally donning a provocative bold statement, don’t be surprised if the lettered image drowns out the rest of your message.

First lady Melania Trump traveled Thursday to visit a Texas shelter for migrant children, telling officials: ““I’m here to learn about your facility.” But as The Reliable Source’s Emily Heil reported, images of the first lady’s fashion statement — photos from her takeoff and return at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland — quickly went viral. That’s because on the back of Trump’s $39 Zara jacket was the brash, brush-effect lettering: “I really don’t care, do u?”

The mixed messaging handed critics of the Trump administration’s handling of the border crisis — including the separation of thousands of immigrant families — an easy meme for painting their visual takedowns.

Here is how some artists responded.

Washington-based illustrator and children’s book artist Juana Medina, who immigrated from her native Colombia:

Political cartoonist Daryl Cagle of Cagle Cartoons:

New York artist and designer Justin Teodoro:

And Mexican American artist-activist Lalo Alcaraz (“La Cucaracha”) references a Spanish phrase that essentially means “I don’t give a damn” — though it can have a more profane meaning — for his green-jacketed cartoon.

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