WHAT’S THE cost of a one-way ticket to the curb?

That’s where Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt was kicked Thursday, as he resigned amid a growing list of ethical questions and more than a dozen federal inquiries into his behavior, as The Washington Post reported.

For much of the past year, The Post had reported on Pruitt’s offenses, as he racked up tens of thousands of dollars in bills for chartered travel and military flights — and the rolling list of missteps began to involve everything from Chick-fil-A to, well, used mattresses.

Naturally, Pruitt’s stint heading the EPA proved to be prime fodder for political cartoonists.

On Thursday, Pat Bagley of the Salt Lake Tribune satirized just what could come next:

Pat Bagley/Salt Lake Tribune/CagleCartoons.com 2018

Meanwhile, Bruce Plante of the Tulsa World slings his editorial mud at the quagmire of EPA policies:

Bruce Plante/Tulsa World/CagleCartoons.com 2018

And two cartoons from this past April — first published fittingly close to Earth Day — are worth revisiting this week, as they take on extra resonance in the immediate wake of Pruitt’s resignation.

One of the cartoons, by Adam Zyglis of the Buffalo News, painted Pruitt as a species nearing extinction as quickly as the dodo:

Adam Zyglis/Buffalo News/CagleCartoons.com 2018

And a cartoon by The Washington Post’s Tom Toles depicted one feathered-nest environment that a political animal like Pruitt actually wanted to protect:

Tom Toles / The Washington Post 2018