“MY WAY or the highway” began as a particularly American idiom. And this week in Europe, President Trump has seemed to embody the American idiom.

As The Washington Post reported, Trump upended the NATO summit in Brussels by pushing for defense spending commitments, particularly scolding such nations as Germany and Spain. And two officials said that Trump threatened to “do his own thing,” which some diplomats viewed as a threat to withdraw from the transatlantic alliance.

Yet the president later said Thursday at a news conference: “I believe in NATO.”

All this unfolds as Trump prepares to sit with Russian President Vladimir Putin next week at the Helsinki summit.

Here’s how American political cartoonists (including CQ Roll Call’s R.J. Matson, top) are surveying the scene of Trump’s overseas trip:


JACK OHMAN  (Sacramento Bee):

KEVIN SIERS (Charlotte Observer):

STEVE SACK (Minneapolis Star Tribune):