THE FARCE comes on little baby feet.

As President Trump makes his first official visit to Britain, protesters have launched a Baby Trump blimp and will aim to fly it near the American leader’s destinations.

On Friday, the 19-foot cartoon balloon — an angry orange infant with a tuft of corn-yellow hair and a smartphone — took off from London’s Parliament Square. The diapered commander-in-briefs — which reportedly has a number of activist fathers, including Leo Murray and graphic designer Matt Bonner — might yet make its way to Scotland, to soar near a golf course owned by Trump.

The president has spawned inflatable outrage before, including the Trump Chicken and John Post Lee’s Trump Rat, both of which flew over Washington last summer. And the New Yorker illustrator Barry Blitt has rendered the president as an airborne figure, soaring over buildings like a hot-air balloon while blowing bubbles.

Yet one of the most consistent symbols of Trump-targeted satire and cartoon buffoonery over the past two years has been depictions of the president as an emotional toddler or child.

Shannon Wheeler, in illustrating the tweets of Trump for his best-selling humor book “Sh*t My President Says,” told Comic Riffs last year: “He’s like the fifth-grader who got held back one grade and now he’s a little bit bigger than you are and he’s still a kid.” And so in his book, Wheeler depicts Trump as a childlike, mischievous scamp.

Also putting pictures to the prose of Trump is “Baby Trump,” the strip launched last January and created by an artist going by the nom-de-toon Trump LeMonde. This incarnation of a toddling Trump loves to eat McDonald’s McRib and loathes “bad ethnic people” unless they’re willing to work at his resorts for low pay. And Tom Tomorrow’s “This Modern World” created a super-toddler spoof with “The Unbelievable Baby-Man!” (aka the Man Without Shame).

Last year, “The Boss Baby” director Tom McGrath told Comic Riffs that audiences drew comparisons between his animated movie’s title toddler — a truly junior executive voiced by Alec Baldwin — and the president. McGrath noted that Baldwin’s running sendup of Trump on “Saturday Night Live” gave his Oscar-nominated film something of a “Trump bump” in visibility.

And one of the most viral images of a toddling Trump arrived shortly before his inauguration when the Norwegian news site VG published an illustration of a diapered president-to-be pulling on a tablecloth, as created by Oslo artist Christian Bloom.

Which brings us to today, as conservative cartoonist Sean Delonas renders his take on a Trump balloon:

Here is how some top political artists have previously depicted Trump, directly or indirectly, as an infant:

Steve Breen (San Diego Union-Tribune):

Nate Beeler (Columbus Dispatch):

Clay Bennett (Chattanooga Times Free Press):

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