by Nate Beeler/Columbus Dispatch/ 2018

CARTOONISTS ARE people, too.

And editorial cartoonists, as journalists working within this Trump era, are an “enemy of the people,” too.

So persists the slur, as the White House in recent days has repeatedly refused to retreat from the rhetoric calling the press the “fake news” a foe of the American voter.

Judging by their work, most political cartoonists view such language as a highly charged play to Trump’s base — a four-word dog whistle that gets supporters nipping at reporters’ heels.

Here is how some cartoonists are responding to the latest linguistic tensions:

Jack Ohman (Sacramento Bee):

by Jack Ohman/Sacramento Bee/WPWG 2018

John Darkow (Columbia Missourian):

John Darkow/Columbia Missourian/ 2018

Mike Keefe (Colorado Independent):

Mike Keefe/Colorado Independent/ 2018

Bruce Plante (Tulsa World):

by Bruce Plante/Tulsa World/ 2018

Steve Sack (Minneapolis Star Tribune):

by Steve Sack/Minneapolis Star Tribune/ 2018

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