THE NEW issue of Vogue magazine, featuring photographer Tyler Mitchell’s fashion shoot of Beyoncé, has drawn some rave reactions. But perhaps no artist has been as inspired by the shoot — and received so much applause in return — as Alice X. Zhang.

Zhang is an American illustrator whose clients have included the BBC, Marvel and DC, and Lucasfilm. Her digital paintings of pop figures and characters had won her thousands of followers on Instagram. But she had never had a public reception like this.

“Saw this month’s Vogue and was so inspired I had to paint it… and then… paint some more … ,” the artist tweeted Wednesday — “okay I got really carried away but QUEEN BEY MY FINEST WORK.”

The Internet, too, seemed to affirm that it was her finest work. Zhang’s three renderings of Beyoncé went viral, receiving more than 100,000 likes.

“I’m a big admirer of fashion editorials in general, and I loved Beyonce’s recent shoot,” Zhang told The Washington Post’s Comic Riffs.

“I’m a professional artist, so I’m always looking for subjects to draw, and these particular paintings were honestly just some good practice for me,” continued Zhang, who trained at the Rhode Island School of Design. “But I’m very humbled and pleased by all the attention and love.”

Added Zhang, whose current project is the forthcoming Marvel book “Powers of a Girl”: “I’m glad my art brightened some people’s day.”