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Here’s how Trump’s Space Force is being ridiculed by cartoons

by Nick Anderson / WPWG 2018
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THE SPACE FORCE has a long history of being rendered in cartoon form.

“Sky Masters of the Space Force” was launched onto the comics pages 60 years ago this summer, when such artists as Jack Kirby and Wally Wood helped bring the galactic team to illustrated reality.

So it seems entirely fitting that in 2018, it is cartoonists who are having great fun satirizing President Trump’s newly launched vision for a U.S. Space Force — even as Defense Secretary Jim Mattis signaled Sunday that he is reversing course and “is satisfied that creating a Space Force as a separate military service is the right way to reorganize the Pentagon’s approach,” as the Associated Press reported.

Here is how some cartoonists are firing up their satire:

Pat Bagley (Salt Lake Tribune):

Luojie (China Daily):

Randall Enos (Cagle Cartoons):

Jeff Koterba (Omaha World Herald):