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"As we head into the midterms, it seems like all the wiseguys are bringing their A-game,” says the “Doonesbury” creator.

“He’s always been pure id,” Garry Trudeau says as he satirizes Trump in his new “Doonesbury” book, titled "#SAD!"

Blockbuster Video? A younger Samuel L. Jackson? “Captain Marvel” footage hurtles us back to the '90s.

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As the debate over Judge Brett Kavanaugh's hearing heats up, so do the political cartoons on both sides of the aisle.

The pioneering creator Rebecca Sugar returns to SPX — where she sold 'zines as a teen — with message of love and tolerance.

Stories on culture and cuisine, epilepsy and reproductive rights led the way at Small Press Expo's indie-comics awards.

“I never thought I would work for Marvel,” says Eisner Award-winning cartoonist Ed Piskor.

The British Indian actor's performance was a major part of the show's Season 2 turnaround.

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Cartoonist Mark Knight and the Herald Sun defended their offensive portrayal. But there are much better ways to render the tennis star.

The DCEU has endured underwhelming Superman and Batman films.

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