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The cartoon mocked Ford for her requests during a lengthy back and forth with Republican senators this week.

Cartoonists who won Pulitzer and Herblock prizes draw strong comparisons between 1991 and now.

Google's stop-motion animation arrives like a welcome online balm to celebrate the 51st anniversary of Fred Rogers's show.

The “balance between connecting with fans and maintaining personal boundaries is my lodestar,” said the cartoonist who goes by Olivia Jaimes.

  • Review

Like a tourist trap, it provides a predictable, consistent experience that’s enlivened by its eye-catching environments.

"As we head into the midterms, it seems like all the wiseguys are bringing their A-game,” says the “Doonesbury” creator.

“He’s always been pure id,” Garry Trudeau says as he satirizes Trump in his new “Doonesbury” book, titled "#SAD!"

Blockbuster Video? A younger Samuel L. Jackson? “Captain Marvel” footage hurtles us back to the '90s.

  • Perspective

As the debate over Judge Brett Kavanaugh's hearing heats up, so do the political cartoons on both sides of the aisle.

The pioneering creator Rebecca Sugar returns to SPX — where she sold 'zines as a teen — with message of love and tolerance.

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