IT HAS been a week for White House bombshells, with the reverberations sure to carry us into the midterms.

On Tuesday came excerpts from Bob Woodward’s forthcoming book, “Fear,” in which The Post associate editor assembles a mosaic of a chaotic, “nervous breakdown” of a White House, based on hundreds of hours of interviews.

On Wednesday came an anonymous New York Times op-ed, penned by a senior administration official, that paints the depiction of a resistance working within the White House to “thwart Mr. Trump’s more misguided impulses.”

These twin portraits have summoned allusions to Watergate, with “shellshocked aides” comparing the current White House to “Richard Nixon’s final days as president.”

Here is how some cartoonists are drawing such comparisons:

Mike Keefe (Colorado Independent):

Clay Bennett (Chattanooga Times Free Press):

Bob Englehart (Cagle Cartoons):

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