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ONE IS being called a once-in-a-generation weather event along the East Coast. The other has been called a once-in-a-republic, tempestuous force of nature.

As Hurricane Florence threatens the Carolinas on Thursday, political observers continued to carefully watch the mouth of President Trump and his revisionist rhetoric. On Wednesday, Trump hailed his administration’s past hurricane relief efforts on Twitter, scoring their work an A-plus.

That, despite the fact that an “estimated 3,000 people died after the devastating Hurricane Maria ravaged Puerto Rico last year” and that “large swaths of the island were without power for months,” according to a federal government report, as The Washington Post’s Josh Dawsey wrote.

Here is how cartoonists — some along Hurricane Florence’s projected route — are satirizing the collision of cyclone weather and political spin:

Kevin Siers (Charlotte Observer):

(Kevin Siers/CagleCartoons.com)

Clay Bennett (Chattanooga Times Free Press):

(Clay Bennett/Chattanooga Times Free Press/WPWG)

Rick McKee (Augusta Chronicle):

(Rick McKee/CagleCartoons.com)

Tom Toles (The Washington Post):

(Tom Toles/The Washington Post)

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