David Fitzsimmons/Arizona Daily Star/CagleCartoons.com 2018

ON SATURDAY NIGHT, conservative and liberal justices alike gathered for the “hastily called” swearing-in ceremony of their newest high court colleague, Brett M. Kavanaugh.

By Sunday, Kavanaugh had hired women to fill all four of his law-clerk positions.

And on Tuesday, Kavanaugh will make his Supreme Court debut.

That whirlwind of activity follows his historically tight confirmation Saturday, as chanting protesters massed outside, more than a week after the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing in which he denied California professor Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations of sexual assault nearly four decades ago.

Here is how some cartoonists are rendering judgment on Kavanaugh’s ascent to the highest court in the land:

Taylor Jones (Cagle Cartoons):

Taylor Jones/CagleCartoons.com 2018

Mike Keefe (Colorado Independent):

Mike Keefe/Colorado Independent/CagleCartoons.com 2018

Lisa Benson (WPWG):

Lisa Benson/WPWG 2018

Signe Wilkinson (Philly.com):

Signe Wilkinson/Philly.com/WPWG 2018

Tom Toles (The Washington Post):

Tom Toles/The Washington Post 2018

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