• Analysis

First-year editor Bill Morrison wants to extend Mad magazine's reach to younger readers — without alienating older fans.

Corcoran School director calls it a “no-brainer” to bring 18 spiked cartoons by Rob Rogers to Washington.

  • Perspective

Trump wore a Zara jacket with the words “I really don't care, do u?” on her way to visit a shelter for migrant children.

Sarah Gomez-Lane's drawing involved dinosaurs, which she says "inspire me to study more to be a paleontologist."

A quest to find a screenplay eventually brought vintage Jules Feiffer characters to the screen with "Bernard and Huey."

The editor, who died on June 2, helped build a stable of all-star cartoonists and nurture MAD's distinctive voice over a half-century.

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Baltimore museum collector Steve Geppi donates more than 3,000 pop-culture items to the Library of Congress.

John Cuneo previously drew an imperiled Anthony Weiner for the New Yorker's “Carlos Danger” cover.

Dominican artist Gaby D’Alessandro's image aims to evoke "the thrill and sense of discovery that books bring into our lives."

Google chooses the perfect cinematic pioneer on which to devote its first virtual-reality 360-degree Doodle.

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