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With the Eisner deadline approaching, here are a handful of works worthy of awards-season consideration.

Eisner broke ground with noir super-detective comic “The Spirit” and popularized the graphic novel.

Garfield's gender changed 20 times on Wikipedia after a user dug up a quote from the comic's creator that “he’s not really male or female.”

If a long-ago love had said "yes," perhaps Charlie Brown's love would never have gone unrequited at the Valentine mailbox.

The publisher has allowed creators to take ownership of their ideas.

Leading up to Saturday's Women's March on Washington, top creative minds share these tips with young women and girls who have an eye toward the arts.

Perhaps "Logan" isn't the end of Wolverine on film after all.

Can FX finally bring one of the most revered comic book stories ever to live action?

The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art, announced to break ground in Los Angeles, will cross the arbitrary divide of “high” and “low” art.

Adams says of his polarizing blogging: “My speaking career ended because of this."

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