The “balance between connecting with fans and maintaining personal boundaries is my lodestar,” said the cartoonist who goes by Olivia Jaimes.

"As we head into the midterms, it seems like all the wiseguys are bringing their A-game,” says the “Doonesbury” creator.

“He’s always been pure id,” Garry Trudeau says as he satirizes Trump in his new “Doonesbury” book, titled "#SAD!"

Stories on culture and cuisine, epilepsy and reproductive rights led the way at Small Press Expo's indie-comics awards.

"Macanudo," a whimsical strip by Argentine artist Liniers, enters U.S. syndication with nods to Spielberg and Stephen King.

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Severin did "breathtaking and groundbreaking work at EC and Marvel," say comics colleagues.

The Maryland-sprung trailblazer returns to where she showed her art as a student.

Female comics creators from their 20s to their 90s made history at Comic-Con's "Oscars of comics."

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A new book marks the 60th anniversary of Kirby and Wood's “Sky Masters of the Space Force.”

A quest to find a screenplay eventually brought vintage Jules Feiffer characters to the screen with "Bernard and Huey."

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