The editor, who died on June 2, helped build a stable of all-star cartoonists and nurture MAD's distinctive voice over a half-century.

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Baltimore museum collector Steve Geppi donates more than 3,000 pop-culture items to the Library of Congress.

The National Cartoonists Society will honor the CNN host in his home town — where Tapper once fostered pro-cartoon dreams.

Majorie Liu, Sana Takeda and Tom King are among the multiple nominees for “the Oscars of comics.”

“Nancy’s going to use all the social media and technology I use," Olivia Jaimes says of her take on the classic cartoon character.

Margot Robbie will return to the role she started in “Suicide Squad."

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The recent book “How to Read Nancy” illuminates why Ernie Bushmiller's iconic comic was the pinnacle of minimalism.

The “Cathy” cartoonist mines her life of being “sandwiched” between generations, with aging parents and an adult daughter.

Olivia Jaimes becomes the first woman to draw Nancy since her character debuted in 1933.

Lynda Barry, Glen Keane, Stephan Pastis, Hilary Price and Mark Tatulli are Reuben Award finalists.

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