Marvel directors have teased forthcoming pop-ups by Lee, who died Monday.

Dark comedies and buddy pictures from the '80s inspired Ruben Fleischer.

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"Spider-Man 2" this isn't. But a good time can still be had.

Is “Venom” worth seeing? That depends on whether you can find laughs in a disjointed, oddball comedy.

Blockbuster Video? A younger Samuel L. Jackson? “Captain Marvel” footage hurtles us back to the '90s.

The DCEU has endured underwhelming Superman and Batman films.

Manga artist Harold Sakuishi and San Diego Comic-Con author/administrator Jackie Estrada are also honored.

The film rethinks the Kree fighting team — and returns some “Guardians of the Galaxy” characters.

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It's a rabbit hole that includes “Lois and Clark,” “Batman: The Animated Series” and even digital versions of the comic books.

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In past years, the studio's big earners have starred characters such as Wonder Woman and Batman.

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