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Rep. John Lewis's civil-rights memoir 'March' receives three nods, as do Ed Piskor and Colleen Coover. Here's the full list.

Lynda Barry calls her fellow finalists the "real cartoonists" who do the daily work of a comic strip.

Artist says that not being a die-hard Cobain fan helped him maintain critical distance in depicting the musician's lowest moments.

"Lio," "Pajama Diaries" and "Pearls Before Swine" are nominated for comic strips; "Inside Out" and "Peanuts Movie" face off for animation.

WGN America's pilot order of "Scalped" sparks these immediate questions.

To render this historic scene, Nate Powell's five-month process involved a careful balancing act.

Rep, John Lewis offers an exclusive sneak-peek at his "March: Book Three" book cover on Selma anniversary -- and declares Trump's actions "not presidential."

Now that Hollywood knows an R-rated comics film can do huge business, producers should look to these books from Vertigo, Image, Dynamite and Fantagraphics.

How does such an esteemed festival get so much so wrong in a matter of days? And does the "poisson" stink from the head?

The popular young adult novelist's 'Wires and Nerve' will debut next January.

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