Foreign cartoonists are skewering the Election Day divisions.

Satirists offer their take on red waves, blue waves and pink waves.

Steve Kelley replaces Rob Rogers, who saw a series of his anti-Trump cartoons spiked by the paper.

Soon after the killing of Jamal Khashoggi, the president commended Rep. Greg Gianforte for body-slamming a reporter last year.

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The newly confirmed justice will publicly join the court Tuesday.

A cartoon by Chris Britt, who usually contributes to the Illinois Times, depicted the Supreme Court nominee's daughter praying by her bedside.

The Canadian cartoon references the testimony of Christine Blasey Ford.

Cartoonists who won Pulitzer and Herblock prizes draw strong comparisons between 1991 and now.

"As we head into the midterms, it seems like all the wiseguys are bringing their A-game,” says the “Doonesbury” creator.

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As the debate over Judge Brett Kavanaugh's hearing heats up, so do the political cartoons on both sides of the aisle.

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