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Let’s see if it develops into a franchise with staying power.

Its complex fighting system might not be enough for the casual fan to slog through all of its vast contents.

"Zootopia," "Pearl" and "Kubo" are among the top winners at the animation industry's big night.

The way the game gradually doles out its environment is impressive, many of the monster encounters toward the game’s second half are predictable.

There are a number of standout missions in “Gravity Rush 2” that will have players scrambling every which way until it is hard to tell down from up.

He uses his voice as DC's animated Joker to read Trump's tweets about Rep. John Lewis and Meryl Streep.

The Oculus Touch, which was introduced last month, has the potential to transform the industry.

Blizzard Entertainment revealed the news through a Web comic this week.

As with many sequels it becomes more about the auto-nostalgia for previous games in the series.

For those associate video games with soul-sapping entertainment, Ueda’s work, with its penchant for quietude and the evocation of non-verbal emotions, is an epiphany.

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