National parks are more fun than anything that's been happening among those Nats Park denizens lately.

Washington hadn't been walked off in consecutive games since 2005.

The Team 980's new lineup has yet to be finalized, but Sheehan is no longer with the station.

The next week will help determine how Nationals fans remember David Bote's walk-off grand slam.

All the nicknames are fine, but Max Scherzer's warrants a closer look.

Fans who purchase special tickets to the Aug. 22 game against the Phillies will also receive a Nationals-branded swim cap.

The casino should be taking bets by the time football season kicks off next month.

Unlikely friendship leads to unforgettable summer cameo — plus one mammoth home run.

Loudoun South couldn't recover from a tough third inning against Georgia in the regional final.

Braves analyst Joe Simpson implied during Tuesday's broadcast that Soto isn't really 19 years old.

The Redskins' quarterback has been impressed by the rookie's pass-catching and pass-protection skills in training camp.

Don't worry, “Keeper of the Cup” Philip Pritchard cleans the trophy daily.

There are plenty of single-game tickets available for the Redskins' home opener against the Colts.

Tuscarora High graduate Annie Wickett had signed with Olimpia Cluj last month.

The team has now raised more than $38,000 since winning the District title.

Beathard, who enters the Pro Football Hall of Fame on Saturday, hired Joe Gibbs in 1981 and built multiple Super Bowl winners in Washington over the next decade.

If the grass in Landover isn't pristine Sept. 16, it'll be no secret why.

The beleaguered league could soon double in size, and that's only the beginning, according to Ted Leonsis.

The most accomplished general manager in Redskins history will be welcomed into the Pro Football Hall of Fame by Washington's greatest coach.

Program director Chris Johnson says the station is 'still in the process of finalizing our lineup.'

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