The Redskins' running back and Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly combined for one of the strangest plays of the season.

Tributes poured in for a veteran of the Redskins press room, whose seat inside FedEx Field's press box will remain empty.

Almost no one expects Washington to end its 50-win or Eastern Conference finals droughts this season.

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The retired cornerback says Washington's ability to win playing a smashmouth brand of football "bodes well for the playoffs."

Hall and Norman had a 'kumbaya' moment after going back and forth in the media last week.

Josh Norman trolled the Panthers' quarterback with a brimless cap after Washington's 23-17 win.

Curry, a well-known fan of the Panthers, appeared to take the treatment from his Redskins-loving superstar teammate in stride, even with the "sneaker wars" undercurrent.

The left tackle thought he had broken his "cardinal rule" before recovering a fumble and setting up a field goal in the fourth quarter.

Hall responds to his former teammate Norman, who had previously responded to Hall, who had previously talked about Norman.

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