If you ask Matt Williams about the exciting Bryce Harper kerfuffle, he will attempt to explain that what happened was, if you really break it down, [zzzzzzz].

Mike Rizzo wonders what's to stop relievers like Hunter Strickland from drilling more star players.

"Every once in a while, it’s refreshing to see two teams emotionally charged getting after it,” Arrieta said.

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The Capitals GM says it's not time to blow things up. Barry Svrluga and Dan Steinberg debate whether that's the best course of action.

Former Nats GM says Harper's decision to charge the mound was “absolutely appropriate.”

Maryland's honorary teammate got to pose with the championship trophy and cut a piece of the net.

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It didn't have to come to this.

Harper's errant helmet toss was roundly mocked.

The Olympic swimmer and current Stanford freshman just wants to help out her old friend.

"He. Threw. At. Him. On Purpose. No. Doubt. About. It,” the MASN analyst says of Hunter Strickland.

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