Two weeks ago, the Redskins dominated the Saints in New Orleans, and people were wondering if they should be considered serious playoff contenders.

Two weeks later, they’re 1-2 and underdogs for their upcoming trip to Tampa.

And because this is the NFL, and every single thing changes from one week to the next, the conversation has now shifted to whether the Redskins are the worst team in the NFC.

Hence, this dialog from Bill Simmons’s ESPN podcast with Michael Lombardi:

Lombardi: The Redskins’ defense, we haven’t talked about that, but they don’t have a defense. They didn’t fool me this year. They fooled me last year, but they didn’t fool me this year.

(Last year, Lombardi picked the Redskins to win the NFC East.)

Simmons: So If you’re talking bottom of the barrel, after those two defensive injuries [to Orakpo and Carriker], the Redskins might have snuck in there in the bottom six.

Lombardi: Well, I don’t know if they’re good enough in the secondary. I mean, they weren’t good enough in the secondary. I don’t think they can cover enough people. I think the Redskins had to rely on Orakpo getting pressure. And if he couldn’t get pressure, along with Kerrigan, I don’t know if they can cover anybody long enough.

Simmons: Washington’s the worst NFC team, it looks like, unless you want to make a case for the Rams. I think the Rams, tough spot last week in Chicago, but the Rams aren’t terrible.

Then Lombardi nominated the Panthers, and both men agreed that the Panthers seem pretty bad. There didn’t seem to be any mention that the Saints are 0-3 and lost to the Redskins at home, but whatever. The point is, bulletin board material is back. Though you can’t very easily put a podcast on a bulletin board, I guess.

(Via @johnmtaylor)