Charlie Neibergall / AP

Maybe you’ve heard, but Presidential voting began in earnest on Thursday, part of the fun early voting process that could severely skew all of your electoral map bracket challenges.

Anyhow, Iowa was the first state to vote, as the Boston Globe noted:

Voters in a swing state went to the polls for the first time Thursday to cast ballots in the general election, as both presidential campaigns sought to capitalize on an early voting process that will soon be underway in more than half the country. In Iowa, the first swing state to open the polls, voters were lined up to cast their ballots from a Mexican grocery store in Denison to the county auditor’s offices in Des Moines and Davenport.

And since Iowa went first, this of course led to lots of photos of Iowa voters. INCLUDING ONE CHAP WEARING A CAPS OBAMA JERSEY FOUL.


(Via @zaronow)