Matt Slocum – Associated Press

Jayson Werth’s Wednesday night antics, and the subsequent outrage in Philadelphia, put Phillies fans back on the menu of appropriate D.C. sports topics.

So during a Werth at-bat midway through Thursday night’s game, as the fans jeered him yet again, the MASN crew started discussing that noble fanbase. Dialog:

Bob Carpenter: And this all goes back to the ignorant people – and it doesn’t take many, it’s not all Philly fans obviously – but there were some really AWFUL people who cheered when he left this field with a broken wrist back in May. Inexcusable. Pardon me, that was in D.C., but Philly fans that were in our ballpark were the ones cheering. And we know that not all Philly fans are like that, but I think that really got to Jayson.

F.P. Santangelo: They’re not?


Santangelo: I said, they’re not?

Carpenter: I don’t think all of them are.

Santangelo: Well, there’s one or two that aren’t.

Carpenter: I think they’ve got some good fans here.

Santangelo: [Laughter]

Carpenter: Or somewhere.

Faceless Phillies fan: BAAAAAAAOOOOOH, WERTHLESS!!!!!! WERTHLESS!!!!!!!

(Via @tomcblock)