Easy to do when you’re winning, but the Nats have spent much of this season throwing bubble gum at each other, making funny faces at the camera, producing group t-shirts and giggling like little boys.

Thursday’s moment of boyish good cheer came when Michael Morse hit a home run 9 million feet into the Nats’ bullpen, and Tom Gorzelanny sprinted to the front of the pen and nabbed the ball out of the air with his ballcap, and all his bullpen mates celebrated to a greater degree than when the team clinched a playoff berth.

That’s not an exaggeration, either. The Nats’ on-field celebration after clinching the franchise’s first playoff berth did not come close to producing as many raised-arm, ear-to-ear-grinning celebrations as Gorzelanny’s grab.

Many screengrabs below, because they’re all awesome.