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You won’t often hear a more honest assessment of a poor on-field performance than Redskins place kicker Billy Cundiff offered to the Redskins Radio Network Sunday evening.

Just seconds after the Redskins escaped Tampa Bay with a 24-22 win, Cundiff spoke to Doc Walker on the official team broadcast, heard locally on ESPN 980.

“Billy, how big was that kick for you man?” Walker asked. “You had a rough going, but nothing matters [more] than doing it under pressure.”

“Yeah, well, let’s put it all in perspective,” said Cundiff, still out of breath from the kickoff on the game’s final play. “Obviously I was crap, absolute crap early in the game. But you know what, I got a lot of confidence from my teammates. Justin [Snow] snapped the ball extremely well, Sav [Rocca] was holding great. And I also have to give the credit to the guys up front. Because they protected extremely well all day.

And I’ve got to give credit to the guys on the sideline,” Cundiff continued. “I can look in their eyes and say ‘You know what, we’re gonna find out what this guy is made of. I CANNOT let these guys down.’ So it’s nice to be able to come out of here, as BAD as I played, still get that opportunity at the end.”

“Well brother, you’re burgundy and gold ‘til your blood runs cold,” Walker aptly concluded. “Congratulations. Billy Cundiff, money kick. Big time.”

Something like that.


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