Longtime Bog Reader Jim sent along this note the day after Saturday’s Virginia Tech-Cincinnati game at FedEx Field.

I went to the Virginia Tech game at FedEx yesterday. We (my Dad and my brother were with me) tailgated in the parking lot (section F60 to be exact). While we were tailgating, someone started to yell out and asked their fellow Hokies to gather around. We joined the crowd and discovered two Hokie fans were preparing to get married.


It was a Hokie tailgating-themed wedding right there in the parking lot. They had drawn in chalk on the ground the “aisle,” and they asked Hokie fans to gather around while the bride walked down the “aisle.” Preceding the bride were two friends throwing Mardi Gras beads (in Tech colors) to the crowd (I guess these were the “flower” girls). 


Someone then played Here Comes the Bride on a boombox and she proceeded down the aisle. The minister was wearing a T-shirt with a design of a tuxedo on it….


All indications were that this was a real wedding. I commented to my brother, who was with me, that they must be saving a ton of cash. It should be noted that I have no idea who these folks were. They wanted to get married with fellow Tech fans, I guess. Never expected to see that while tailgating.

Yeah. I can see that. Hokies are an interesting bunch, though. Anyhow, if anyone has more details about the beautiful couple, please do send them along. The images are from Reader Jim, and also @HomerMcFanboy.