John McDonnell – TWP.

Dierks Bentley recently performed after a game at Nats Park. Turned out that was the game Gio Gonzalez earned his 20th win. Which led to this little mid-concert Bentley speech:

“What a game, you guys,” the country singer said. “We were sitting out there, hanging out, watching this whole game just like y’all. Pretty cool to be here after you guys have already clinched the playoffs. Pretty cool to see Gio get another win. I thought I’d write a third verse of this song just for the Nationals and just for him. Let’s sing for the Cy Young Award right now. So this is the official Washington Nationals third verse.”

Then he sang a verse of “Am I the Only One” that went something like this. And no, I’m not really a professional country music lyric transcriber. So bear with me.

Between the smoke and the neon, she was turning me on;

I was bout to make my move.

When she started talking dresses, kids and picket fences,

Diamonds and honeymoons (whoa whoa whoa whoa).

I said no thanks, I really gotta go babe;

I paid up and headed out.

Yeahhhh, I went to watch Gio get his 20th win;

And rocking with a [something] crowd.

If that’s not the best country music lyric about a Nats starting pitcher, it’s in the top 10.



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