During the on-field celebration last night, a beer-soaked Gio Gonzalez grabbed Mark Lerner in a bear hug. 

“The pimp with the limp,” he screamed, referring to the Nats owner’s hobble after having foot surgery in July. “The pimp with the limp!”

I’m fairly certain that Gonzalez is the only guy in that clubhouse with the stones to call Lerner that.

Gonzalez, who for the first time in an interview found himself speechless, finally came up with the words to say. Well, to shout. 

“This is unbelievable!” the pitcher yelled to the crowd, waving his hands in the air while his teammates poured more beer on him. “We’ve had a great season, everyone’s been doing their part. I can’t explain how great these guys have been playing. The best part is we did it in front of Nats Nation, baby! The Natitude! Let’s do it baby! It’s only gonna get better! Let’s go!”

I’m not sure if Nats Nation will catch on, but I also had my doubts about Natitude. Boy was I wrong.

MASN has the full, soaking wet interview here.  



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