This Teddy stuff might be the death of me one day.

Front page of the Wall Street Journal. An AP update. And now ABC News’s Jonathan Karl, on the field with Teddy, pumping him up, asking Gio Gonzalez and Michael Morse after Monday’s epic NL East celebration whether Teddy was up next.

“Teddy’s still up for surprises guys,” Gonzalez said. “Don’t count him out yet.”

“Teddy looks strong, Teddy looks strong, I’ll tell ya, he looks strong, as does our team,” Ed Cohen from ownership said.

“I hope he watches this and gets some encouragement,” Morse said.

“That’s above my pay grade,” Mike Rizzo said.

The outtakes from Karl’s piece, which was scheduled to air Tuesday night on ABC World News Tonight, are below.

(Side note: As long as I’m writing about mascots, I have to write this: Tuesday night at the ballpark, I came closer than I’ve ever come to getting in a sporting fight. Because I was defending Screech’s honor.

See, a Phillies fan in section 105 did not appreciate Screech’s visit during the seventh-inning stretch, and used words like “stupid” and “ghetto” to describe the chicken-eagle thing. So I did the only rational thing I could think of: I began throwing empty peanut shells at the fan.

It was only two or three shells, and I was doing it left-handed, and they were landing miles and miles in front of him, but he wasn’t amused. So he stormed to my seat, called me gay slurs, said I looked like Moby, said I was a nerd, and repeatedly threatened to do terrible things to me. Other fans looked on in alarm. A beer vendor said he would get security. I stopped throwing peanut shells. But it did feel like a coming-of-age moment. A this-is-what-it-feels-like kind of thing. Then a stranger behind me asked if I was going to blog about the experience. So meta.)