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A fourth item about Ben Bernanke and the Nats? Sure, why not.

I mentioned earlier in the week that the Fed Chairman was talking about Jayson Werth during his prepared remarks to the Economic Club of Indiana on Monday, but I didn’t manage to get his follow-up comments during the post-speech Q&A. Luckily, the Wall Street Journal had my back.

Their headline? “Bernanke: Policymakers Need Some Natitude.”

“Even when they were really bad they were trying to hire, scout, sign young players and look towards the future. That’s what our economy is all about,” Mr. Bernanke said according to the paper, adding that “I think the future orientation, not always looking backwards, not just looking at the won-loss record this year, is the secret to their success and I think it’s an important thing for economic policymakers to think about as well.”

Bernanke also told the crowd that he isn’t a fair-weather sort, adding “I want to say here and now that I’ve followed them since 2005. I’m not a Johnny-come-lately just because they’re having a good year.”

So weird. This whole thing is just so weird.


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