The Nats went through 60 bottles of champagne and 480 cans of beer during Monday night’s clubhouse celebration, most of it used to shower players, coaches, owners and just about anyone in the general vicinity of the merriment. The champagne has been cleaned up, but one of the empty bottles can be yours for a cool $100. 

The team is selling the used bottles to benefit the Nats charity arm, the Dream Foundation. If your memorabilia collection has a Korbel-sized hole in it, you can stop by the booth behind Section 113 at Nats Stadium and pick one up. 

If a c-note is too rich for your blood, you can apparently buy a cork for $50. They’re not selling the beer cans, but if they haven’t taken the recycling in yet, you can probably dumpster dive for one of those for free. 

Photo via @MissChatter


The Nats champagne celebration

Lindsay Czarniak has a champagne celebration

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