Alfred Morris does his “home run” celebration against the Bengals. (Toni L. Sandys/The Washington Post)


During OTAs in the spring, Alfred Morris ran into some Little Leaguers from York and Lee Counties, who were staying in the same hotel as the Redskins for an All-Star tournament.

“I hung out with them, swam with them. I ate cupcakes with them,” the running back said, as he held up the cupcake he was eating while we were chatting (the man loves his cupcakes).

“The following day I went and watched the game and they said I needed to do a celebration for them,” Morris continued. “So I said, ‘Okay, I’ll hit a home run for ya’ll.’”

When he scored his first touchdown in the preseason against the Colts, he did just that. After crossing the goal line, Morris swung an imaginary bat, shielded his eyes and watched his “ball” leave the stadium. 

“Their parents write me on Twitter, or some of the guys have Instagrams, and they say, ‘I saw your touchdown,’ or ‘I saw your celebration.’” Morris said. “They love it.”

The young baseball players were so thrilled to see their tribute that Morris has promised to do it after every touchdown, which could mean a lot of home runs. 

“The kids get so excited,” he said. “It brings joy to my heart.”