A number of local athletes will be acting as runway models tonight in the Walk This Way charity fashion show to benefit Becky’s Fund, an organization benefiting victims of domestic violence. Redskins Lorenzo Alexander and Kedric Golston are two of those athletes, and they say they’ve learned a few things while preparing for their amateur modeling appearance. 

Brian Orakpo walks the runway in last year’s Walk This Way event. (Vithaya Photography)

First lesson: It’s not easy to dress a 6-foot-4, 315-pound lineman.

“The guy that’s making the clothes came and got my sizes and pretty much showed me what I was going to wear,” Golston told me. “They had to make some alterations because it was a tad too small.”

Golston says the fittings and adjustments are worth it.

“Any time I can help bring attention to something that’s so prevalent in our society, and so sad,” he said. “Home is supposed to be a safe place, where people can thrive and bond together.”

As far as learning the ropes of modeling bespoke fashion, these two have that covered.

“I definitely have watched Project Runway and Top Model and things like that,” Golston said. “So through, I guess, osmosis, I’ve picked things up. I think I’ll do a good job.”

Alexander chimed in from the next locker over.

“It’s natural,” he said of his runway presence. “I was born with a runway walk. I’ve watched enough Runway and Top Model to go out there and hold my own.”

Much to my disappointment, despite having similar tastes in fashion reality shows, they don’t watch them together. 

Golston says he doesn’t have a signature move (“I’m just going to be ageless,” he said), but Alexander says he has something special planned for his trip down the runway.

“I’ve practiced it, but I can’t show you right now,” he said. “It’s a secret.”

There are still tickets available here if you want to see it for yourself. Other athletes expected to model are John Carlson, Karl Alzner, Mathieu Perreault, Reed Doughty, Brian Mitchell and Gary Clark.