There’s so much Natitude coursing through D.C. this week that it’s hard to keep up. And I’m short on time just now, so I’m throwing a bunch of it into one blog item. Apologies.

Above, please find Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and legendary heckler Robin Ficker, celebrating a division title. I know many of you are put off by Ficker, which is fine, but you have to admit that it’s a pretty D.C. image. Thanks to @LukeRussert for the heads up.

Elsewhere, D.C. bar Stoney’s has changed its magic number for a playoff berth to something more significant. Love ya, Stoney’s.

Speaking of which, Teddy showed up at Stoney’s on Sunday. Just hanging out. Having a cold one. Or whatever he does.

Speaking of Teddy, there are shirts. These were for sale at Nats Park on Wednesday.

And these are available at Bullfeather’s on the Hill (left) and Let Teddy Win (right). Thanks for Reader Luis for the picture on the left.

Speaking of shirts, here are some of the clinching items for sale at the Nats team store. That’s a lot of names, but it’s something. Thanks to the chicken soup man for the image.

Now let’s get even more hard-core. Harder core? Reader Val sends along this image of a composite cabinet he purchased earlier this year, commemorating the 1924 World Series winners.

Val also directed my attention to the above auction announcement, which is 15 kinds of awesome.

Finally, The Post put this house ad in Friday’s special section commemorating this season, which you need to get a copy of. It’s super cool.