After today’s Wild Card games, the playoff picture will be complete. We know how the local media thinks (or hopes) the Nats will fare, but what are other people saying?

Jon Heyman of says the Nats will win the World Series. “The Nationals will win the World Series. It is the year of the Cinderella, after all.”

The New York Post is predicting the Nationals will lose the World Series to Detroit. “The Nationals will fail the NL’s mission to record its first World Series three-peat since the 1979 Pirates, 1980 Phillies, 1981 Dodgers and 1982 Cardinals pulled off four in a row.” 

USA Today is saying the Nats may fall flat. “The Nationals have had a great year, and Davey Johnson has done an incredible job, but a good pitching staff can bust them inside and they won’t hit at all — not enough quick bats. Gio Gonzalez is an excitable guy and needs to be under control in Game 1 or this could unravel in a hurry.”

The Seattle Times has a more positive outlook on the Nats. “And this year, not only will Washington bring the first World Series action to the nation’s capital since 1933, they’ll win it.” has the Nats at 5/1 odds to win the World Series, tied with the Reds in odds and behind the Yankees at 4/1.


* The Nats special section is in today’s paper. Go get it. 

* Trent Williams and Fred Davis are earning back their teammates’ trust

* Tracee Hamilton says the Wizards are getting a fresh start.

* The Cardinals and Braves have different opinions about the wild card format.

* The Wizards have some options at small forward.



Trent Williams, on how he’s overcoming last year’s suspension:

“I made a mistake, and I kind of use it as a learning experience. Of course, I alienated my team for four games and wasn’t able to be there. I was a captain at the time, and that made me feel even worse. This year I’m just trying to prove to them that I’ve grown up a lot and that’s not me anymore.”


Wild card games! St. Louis at Atlanta, 5 p.m. on TBS. Baltimore at Texas, 8:30 p.m. TBS. All TV/Radio listings here