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RGIII visits Broad Run game

Because Robert Griffin III isn’t actually a real person but rather a cyborg sent from outer space to set offensive records and inspire teammates and make both hard-core football fans and suburban parents swoon, he decided to show up at Broad Run on Friday night and pose for photos with cheerleaders and assorted students while wearing a breast cancer awareness shirt.

“Appreciate where you came & you will always appreciate where you are & where you can go,” he later wrote on Twitter. “S/O to Broad Run High getting the W & for Pink’d.”

Not sure exactly how many children he saved from a burning building on his way home. All of them, probably.

(Broad Run beat Patriot, 34-20, for the record.)

(Images via @MitchPitt00 and @LaurenHathaway_, via @recordsANDradio.)