Jonathan Earnst/Reuters

Davey Johnson’s brief health scare on Wednesday evidently did not impact his sense of humor going into the postseason. The Nats’ skipper made yet another appearance on 106.7 The Fan with the Junkies early Friday morning, and the one-liners were flying yet again.

The Junkies segment just before Johnson’s appearance had focused on Hulk Hogan’s sex tape, which Johnson naturally wanted to talk about.

“I see you’re in rare form with these Hulk Hogan tapes, man,” the manager said. “You guys are up and ready, man.”

So then he was asked if he’s watched the footage in question.

“No, no,” he said. “That might have been something I’d have done when I was managing the Mets 26 years ago. But not my Nats team, boys. We’ve got stand-up men over here, boy.”

Then they started talking about Johnson’s golf game.

“Yeah I play golf; I can beat your ass,” the manager said. “[My handicap] was always scratch. I had a few little stomach problems and it went up to 5.”

And then they started talking about his health.

“Guys, let me tell you, I felt like I was 100 years old in the last game on Wednesday,” he said. “Thanks to modern medicine and some Prednisone , two days later, man, my legs feel great, my back feels great. I feel so good, I’m gonna go work out today and probably take ground balls.”

And a few swings?

“If I wanted to, yeah,” he said. “Sometimes I do. But my guys they don’t want to see an old dinosaur in there taking some hacks. Sometimes I’ll let ’em see the pure stroke that they can try to get to.”

All of which made me wonder: how in the world is it that Davey Johnson has not yet recorded an amazing local television commercial yet?