By Craig Heist – WTOP

Adam LaRoche’s 910-year old son Drake earned national attention when he partied with Bryce Harper after the Nats clinched the NL East title. Sparkling grape juice and all that. And indeed, Harper and Drake are much closer in age than, say, Harper and Mark DeRosa.

Regardless, Drake LaRoche appears to be along for the ride in the postseason as well; several Nats reporters passed along photos of Drake during batting practice in St. Louis Sunday afternoon. Not a bad way to spend your childhood, all in all.

Anyhow, the real reason I’m writing this is because I’ll be helping the Nats Journal folks live blog throughout this and every Nats postseason game. So find me here. It’ll be fun. And there are lots of new bells and whistles.

(Image via @CHeistWTOP)