The worst dream imagined by every glass-half-full Redskins fan finally happened on Sunday, when Robert Griffin III got knocked out of his fifth NFL game with a concussion and did not return.

The rookie quarterback tweeted some hopeful news Sunday night, writing “Thank you for all the prayers & support I’m ok and I think after all the testing I will play next week.”

Which makes it a bit easier on the stomach to go back and look at some of these many terrifying post-hit images. The quarterback seemed to lose his footing before contact, leaving him unable to properly brace for impact.

“I would rather RGIII stop and tell the ref, ‘We forfeit the game,’ than take a hit like that,” one wise Redskins blogger wrote. “I am struggling to care about the rest of this game with our future on ice in the locker room.”

(Images, in order, by the AP’s Evan Vucci, The Post’s Toni L. Sandys, Sandys, Sandys, the AP’s Susan Walsh, Getty’s Patrick Smith, Smith, Smith, and the AP’s Richard Lipski.)