(Ricky Carioti/The Washington Post)

When Ryan Kerrigan scored his second career defensive touchdown on Sunday, he launched himself into the stands. A few people have called such a move the “Landover Leap,” which isn’t the most original tag, but it’ll do.

Chris Berman did not approve of his landing and dubbed it the “FedEx Flop,” calling out out Kerrigan for the move in ESPN’s “C’mon Man” segment. 

“The fans haven’t seen a win ay ee unh ee aye hmph…” Berman said. I would transcribe more of it, but I’m not fluent in Bermanese.

Kerrigan responded to Berman’s criticism, via Redskins Blog.

“I regret that the Redskins fans had to witness myself in their beloved burgundy and gold on ESPN Monday Night Countdown’s weekly feature “C’Mon Man!”

I’m terribly embarrassed for the team, the fans and my family.

Moving forward, I will choose to launch all 260 pounds of my Redskins heft into at least the third row, subjecting myself and others to harm so that this incident does not repeat itself.

Hail To The Redskins,

Ryan Kerrigan #91″

Last season, Jabar Gaffney leapt into the stands after a score, landing on fans and folding himself into an awkward position. I think those on the receiving end of Kerrigan’s launch are gratefull he showed some restraint.