As I wrote in Tuesday’s paper, Game 3 of the Nats-Cardinals series will be broadcast exclusively on the MLB Network, which is sure to frustrate at least a few casual fans with basic cable packages, or hard-core fans stuck in MLBN-free offices, or cranky people who like to call newspaper offices and yell at us.

The solution? Bring back the Magnetic Scoreboard!

As has oft been mentioned, during the ’20s and ’30s, this paper provided a graphical representation of what was going down in World Series games on an insane contraption set up outside The Post’s offices, then at Pennsylvania and E. Here’s one write-up, after Game 1 of the 1924 Senators-Giants series:

No less than 7,000 baseball fans whooped for victory for the Griffs yesterday in front of The Washington Post building, as, play by play, the opening game of the world’s series was unfolded on The Post’s magnetic scoreboard. If enthusiasm, vociferous and unbridled, could beat a team, the New York Giants would be riding home today in padded Pullmans.

Throat specialists may have to turn ’em away this morning, such was the variety and intensity of sounds, strange as they were shrill, that issued from husky boys in their teens. Hundreds of feminine voices rounded out the ‘symphony’ and provided a musical score over which many a composer of futuristic music would go into raptures.

The fans were, peculiarly enough, interested only in seeing the Griffmen win. When the end of the twelfth inning showed them things stood otherwise, they silently went their various ways. The only music they would have cared for would have been a few rings of the gong on the scoreboard piling up runs for their baseball heroes….

Everybody is ready to do it all over again today. Special precautions, it was rumored last night, are to be taken to protect the instruments in the kiosk from the undue strain they will be subjected to when the Griffmen win today’s game. Of course, they’ll win.

Remember that next time you feel like ranting about how much better The Post used to be, by the way. And since we’re unlikely to get the magnetic scoreboard up and running in two days’ time, you can find more info on MLB Network here. You can also see a fab picture of the 1912 magnetic scoreboard here, via @CBJinDC.

Also, go, Lernermen. Of course they’ll win.


Jordan Zimmermann vs. the Cardinals is like Warren Spahn vs. the Brooklyn Dodgers. For you kids out there.

Gadzooks: “The Nationals’ most recent turn through the rotation against St. Louis has yielded 112 / 3 innings, 16 walks and a 13.89 ERA. “

Nats fans are angry over Wednesday’s 1:07 start on the MLB Network.

Tracee Hamilton: ” It was just a matter of time before Robert Griffin III got clocked and knocked out of a game.”


A manager of Hard Times Clarendon told Sarah why he went with the end of Colts-Packers over the start of Nats-Cardinals on his big screen on Sunday:

“A rookie quarterback beating an MVP quarterback is a pretty significant game. I made a judgement call, but I’m human. I reserve the right to be wrong on occasion.


Lev vs. Dynamo Moscow (with Ovechkin) is on ESPN2 at 1. There are some non-local baseball games for once. All TV/Radio listings are here.


To everyone wondering whether you can support the Orioles and the Nats at the same time, this image says yes, you can. Photo by Elias Anteneh.


It didn’t take long for the opposite side of the unhappy-Nats-fans argument to emerge. This is from Craig Calcaterra at Hardball Talk: “The way I see it: if you’re complaining that your job is keeping you from seeing your baseball team in a playoff game, you’re complaining about having two things that a lot of people would kill to have….You’re not entitled to have playoff games conveniently scheduled around your job, whether your team’s accomplishments are historic or otherwise. Suck it up, Nats Nation.”

So if your kid ever throws up on your new carpet in your house, bear in mind you shouldn’t complain about three things that a lot of people would kill to have.


“If he doesn’t play, Mike Perry of says Griffin is worth a 1.5 point swing in the spread. Cousins is expected to start over Rex Grossman if Griffin is ruled out.” Via USA Today. And there’s no chance RGIII is only 1.5 points better than Cousins.

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