ESPN’s Kenny Mayne does silly things. This video recently filmed at Redskins Park is one of them, and he has dragged a couple of Redskins into the lighthearted nonsense. 

Mayne decided to bring attention to the issue of sports television personalities using the words “corner” and “edge” interchangeably. Cornerbacks Josh Wilson, Cedric Griffin and Richard Crawford took some time to speak on the subject for the “Mayne Event” segment.

“TV guys just plain stole our identity,” said Wilson, playing his role perfectly.

“That ain’t right,” added Griffin. “That is not right.”  

Wilson continued: “Look at the depth chart. Does my position say ‘edgeback?’ No. It says cornerback, son.”

The entire piece was filmed in D.C., so there are appearances by the Capitol Building, the Newseum, and some Georgetown students “picketing” in support of the term “corner.” It’s a little lot campy, but cute nonetheless.

Mayne also had a plan for an appearance by Robert Griffin III for a separate project, but he quickly found out what the rest of us already knew: Solo access to RGIII is hard to come by. So, Mayne did the next best thing and asked the Redskins quarterback to read his line during his weekly presser last week. Redskins Blog has video of the exchange here

I might take a page out of that book and start asking RGIII “Last Thing” questions at each presser. Maybe by the end of the season, I’ll have a full list. 

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