(Sarah Kogod/The Washington Post)

There are few things in life more valuable than an education. Today, as Washington hosts its first playoff baseball game since 1933, Natitude is (rightly) one of those things.

Owen Basso, 7, is one of the lucky kids who was allowed to go see the Nats host the Cardinals in Game 3. Asked by Sarah Kogod why he wore that red Spandex getup, he said, “because I have Natitude.” Duh.

Owen’s dad, John Basso, told Sarah he’s not too worried about letting his kid skip school. “This is a history lesson, as far as my wife and I are concerned,” he said.

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace apparently agrees.

“Most fun I’ve had since I played hooky in grade school to see a Yankees World Series game,” he told The Post’s J. Freedom du Lac.

More kids whose parents let them skip school today:

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David Gregory, though a noted D.C. sports enthusiast, wasn’t quite on board with pulling his 7-year-old twins out of school. The “Meet the Press” host tweeted:

Obviously, it’s not just the kids playing hooky today. Here’s a video from NBC Washington asking people what excuse they’re using to get out of work. One guy did some advance planning: “I started coughing the day before.”

Update: Here’s another kid in red Spandex, via Sarah. Johnny Welch, 10, also has a personalized Nats flag.