By now you certainly have read Chris Richards’s definitive take on the Michael Morse “Take On Me” sing-along phenomenon, which is probably the single greatest home-grown tradition inside Nats Park. Here’s one key passage.

“That’s fantastic!” says A-ha guitarist-keyboardist Magne Furuholmen in an e-mail sent from his home in Oslo. “This song has done the rounds, but I never heard of it engaging the audience in this way.” Furuholmen adds that he’s ready to switch his allegiance from the Red Sox to the Nats.

Anyhow, after D.C. media members and Nats fans started obsessively tweeting about this story late on Tuesday night while watching Sons of Anarchy, a funny thing happened. Michael Morse and the Norwegian ’80s pop stars became friends. Online friends, but still.

“So great,” Morse wrote, when he was sent a link to the story.

“You guys are awesome,” he then wrote to A-ha.

“Welcome new followers and #Nats fans!” the band’s official Twitter feed later wrote, offering specific thanks to Morse and Richards and adding  “get ready to sing” and “in a day or twoooooo” hashtags.

“Hey #Nats fans! Anyone know where we can find/share the clips from ABC News & Fox News this morning about a-ha?” the band later asked.

Since this all started, the band’s Twitter feed has started following The Post, Post Sports, Morse, the Nats, Jummy Olabanji, Steve Chenevey, Chris Richards and me.

If a twitter exchange between Michael Morse and A-ha — and the band attempting to view local news clips about its connection to a quirky outfielder — isn’t the perfect way to get ready for D.C.’s first home playoff game in 79 years, I don’t know what is.

Here, via the Sports Nexus, are Jayson Werth and Bryce Harper, singing along.