(Toni L. Sandys/The Washington Post)

Finally, what we’ve all been waiting for. It’s Andre Ware, the former Heisman Trophy winner and RGIII mentor, comparing the injury situations of a starting pitcher coming off Tommy John surgery and a mobile quarterback recovering from a concussion. Throw in a comparison with a strep throat patient from Arizona and a weightlifter with a broken right foot who ate spoiled cheese during a late-night trip to Denny’s, and we could just open our own medical clinic.

“I’ve thought about Strasburg, and it’s something that’s not even remotely as serious as when you’re talking about concussion,” Ware told USA Today’s Christine Brennan, in a column questioning whether the Skins are rushing Robert Griffin III back too quickly. “[A concussion] is an injury that can basically direct how you function the rest of your life. [Strasburg’s situation] is not nearly as serious. Yet the Washington Nationals, who hadn’t been in the playoffs in God knows forever, they shut him down.

“Then when you look at [Griffin], being pressed to come back from a concussion, it’s just amazing in my opinion,” he continued. “There’s no way, if he’s not right, that I would have him in practice today or in practice any time this week. You just shut him down. There are plenty of games left for the Redskins to go on a run and get themselves into the playoffs. So you protect your franchise player because, let’s be frank, that’s what he is and why they drafted him….If he’s not ready, you wait another week. I think he’ll benefit in the long run in a long, illustrious career rather than one game and then all of a sudden he’s not right for quite some time.”

And with that, RGIII concussion talk immediately joins Strasburg Shutdown talk as topics in which I will immediately and vociferously disagree with everything that everyone says on every side of the issue. I just wish Ware had included his thoughts on the Jordan Zimmermann example, Scott Boras’s influence, and Mike Rizzo’s binder. Read the full column here.

And if you’d like more USA Today Strasburg Shutdown talk, Bob Nightengale quotes rival GMs ripping the Nats to tatters over the decision. Rival GMs do not, apparently, have October Natitude.