Cupcakes sent by Georgetown Cupcake sent to the Nats’ wives. The opposing wives were given cupcakes with the Cardinals logo and their own significant other’s number. (Via Heather Downen)

The Cardinals and Nats are in the midst of a division series battle, and while the players’ wives and girlfriends are cheering their significant others on, they’re also busy making nice with the opposing team’s better halves.

“Traditionally the wives on each team exchange gifts with each other during the first game they host every round of playoffs,” said Heather Downen, the soon-to-be Mrs. Ryan Zimmerman. “The gifts get nicer with each round, so the ones during the first round are small sentiments.”

Upon their arrival in St. Louis, the Nats’ wives were gifted nice candles in a little bundle, courtesy of the Cardinals players’ wives. When the visiting wives arrived at Nats Park Wednesday, they found personalized cupcakes waiting for them. 

“The gifts are always surprises, which is fun,” said Downen. 

So, jewelry exchange by the World Series?

“You never know,” she joked. Perhaps the Nats will stage a rally and we’ll get to find out.

(via Heather Downen)