After doing nothing but losing since the summer of 2006, Teddy Roosevelt now cannot be stopped. During Game 4 of the NLDS on Thursday afternoon, Racin’ Roosevelt was able to cruise across the finish line backwards, recording his third straight win and yet again basking in the cheers of the Nationals Park crowd.

“Act like you’ve been there before,” TBS’s Bob Brenly complained, more or less, as Teddy strutted around following the win.

He had some help, of course.

“It was an all star villains presidents race,” @LetTeddyWin reported. “That Cat, Shark, Luc the Lobster, Kool Aid Man taking out George, Tom, and Abe. Teddy Wins”

Careful Presidents Race watchers will remember all these nut-cases from past performances. Now, they’ve finally conspired to keep Teddy out ahead of the pack. What a country. What a life.