By John McDonnell – TWP

Last winter, Jayson Werth was spotted attending at least two Caps home games at Verizon Center. (See here, and here.) This was after his first, disappointing season as a National, but by then Werth had already put down roots in D.C., and talked about how important being part of this place was to him.

“It may not mean a whole lot to people,” Werth said this spring. “Maybe it’s not a big deal. Before you spend half a season in hotel, the other half in an apartment or some kind of rental, eating out a lot, you may not have a sense for how important that it is to live where you play.”

Apparently, he was also picking up other things by hanging around town, going to Caps games and whatnot. He was imagining sell-out playoff crowds going bonkers at Nats Park.

And in fact, the Caps had provided an early clue to Werth of what Nats Park could look like one day.

“It was awesome,” he told F.P. Santangelo on MASN’s post-game show Thursday night, when asked about the Game 4 crowd. “This place was great. When I first came here, when I first signed, I went to a Caps game. And the place was packed, and the people brought it. And I thought man, this place, this is what I want it to be. And it took almost two years to get it this way, but here we are. You’ve got to love these fans.”


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