via Fluffy Thoughts Cakes

When Lara Stuckey, owner of Fluffy Thoughts Cakes in McLean, saw Jayson Werth’s game-winning home run last night, she decided to celebrate in the best way she knew how. So she made a Jayson Werth cupcake.

“We’ve been selling Nats cupcakes all week,” Stuckey told me. “But after last night, we knew that we had to make a special one just for Werth.”

If you’re in the neighborhood, you can stop by Stuckey’s shop (1320 Old Chain Bridge Rd.) and pick one up for $5, which might be pricey for your average, clean-shaven cupcake. But this cupcake is clearly art.

The crew at Fluffy Thoughts is making them almost as fast as they’re flying off the shelves.

“We keep selling out of them,” Stuckey laughed. “But we’ll be making them all day.”

If bearded cupcakes aren’t your thing, regular Nats cupcakes are $2.50.


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